Gareth Emery

Interview by Rio Grant


How has the year been for you so far?

Mad. I released my 3rd artist album in April which ended up being the most successful one so far, started a new act called CVNT5 (wink wink) and hit the road in a big way. Last year I stayed at home most of the year due to becoming a new dad, so I’m making up for it with some serious touring this year.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?

Be prepared to work your arse off for years before you get anywhere, and get ready to make some serious sacrifices if you want to get big. The one thing most people underestimate is how hard this career is if you want to succeed at a high level. It’s also incredibly rewarding and I wouldn’t change it for anything: but I lose count of the amount of times I’ve missed out on family occasions, hanging out down the pub with my old mates, watching films, etc. I’m actually about to launch a new podcast called ‘Make It Happen’ which is entirely about giving people advice to help them succeed in the music industry. There isn’t a lot of information out there, and if I help a few people get to where I am and beyond, it’ll be a nice way of giving something back.

Do you think nowadays with so much crossing of genres DJ’s are experiencing a better sense of freedom in their work, and allowing themselves the opportunity to try new things?

It’s hard to evaluate these days because I’ve always done it. As long as I’ve been a DJ I tried to play the music I liked regardless of genre, rather than sticking to one narrow style. Sometimes the fans love it, other times I’ve got stick for playing a bit too eclectic, but it’s always been true to the music I was into, so no regrets.


With festival season fast approaching, what are your plans? And where can the fans catch you in the near future?

Lot of festivals. EDC, Tomorrowland, Creamfields, Electric Zoo, Electronic Family… I’m pretty stoked for the summer.

You’re playing at Creamfields Festival this year. How do you tailor your sets for the festival occasion?

You can’t fuck around too much with a festival set. In a club, you can be experimental and try some things out – it doesn’t really matter if you drop a dud, because you’ve got a captive audience. In a festival, you’re playing at the same time as 15-20 other amazing acts literally footsteps away, and if there’s any dead space in your set, it’s pretty easy for people to fuck off to another stage. So it’s a lot harder hitting and heavy than a club set of mine. Fortunately, having lived in Manchester a good while and done many shows up “Norf”, I’ve got a pretty good ready on what works for the Northern festival crowd, so I’ve always found the Creamfields massive pretty receptive.


Finish this sentence: Creamfields is…

Fucking amazing even when it rains.

Having performed around the world is there a difference between UK Festivals and others around the world and if so what are these?

Every festival in the world is different. Different crowds, different settings, different people. But they’re also the same. People coming to dance and escape everyday life. Wherever you go in the world, that’s why people are there. So I try and focus on that. We might be different, but we’re all there for the same reason.


You’re back again at Cream Ibiza this year, are you looking forward to it?

Yeah, it’s such a special night. I’m stoked to be bringing an Electric For Life party this year with an absolutely insane line-up… Ferry Corsten, Andrew Rayel, Ben Gold, it’s going to be a hell of a night.

What do you love most about playing at Cream Ibiza?

The first moment the Megatron hits you. It’s as much of a buzz now as it was when I was on the dance floor 15 years ago.


Do you have any favourite beaches or restaurants on the island?

Kumharas for sunsets, Bambuddha for pure original Ibizean hippy weirdness, B-For for Sushi, and this tiny little Spanish place called Ses Bocas which is at the bottom of a fairly treacherous hill road at the foot of a mountain… totally isolated but worth the hike down with incredible Spanish food in a very non-commercialised setting.

When you are away from the decks in Ibiza this summer, what do you hope to experience in Ibiza in terms of being a tourist?

I end up being a bit of a food tourist as I’m big into my food. We’re going for 4 days before the June Cream Ibiza this year, and my wife has a packed schedule for us every day apparently so I’m gonna be doing a lot. The island has so many quiet unexplored corners, every year I feel like I’m discovering new things.

Gareth Emery will be playing at both Creamfields & Cream Ibiza this summer, for more information and tickets visit…