Raising the atmosphere with his brand new ‘Mercury EP’

Thomas welcome to DMCWORLD Magazine. Next week sees the release of your brand new ‘Mercury’ EP, two tracks from it we are all well aware of – ‘Freedom’ which the likes of Tiesto and Sub Focus smashed and now ‘3D Romeo’ with vocals courtesy of Fabienne that Zane Lowe was all over this week on Radio 1. A great post from you on Facebook on Friday – you claim you are smiling in a photo up there for one particular reason, “I’m starting to fall in love with my album I’m writing”. How far through the album are you?

“It’s still a long way off completion but the stars have aligned and things are finally starting to fall into place.”

When can we expect it booming out our speakers?

“Sometime in 2013.”

You once said that you start every track with a Steinway grand piano as you love the harmonies it gives off. So let’s go back to where your musical path began. Were you brought up in a musical household?

“Not at all – however it’s definitely something I fell into at an early age. I always knew I wanted to be a musician; I just wasn’t sure how I could make it work.”

Who were the artists that first got you hooked into dance music?

“The Prodigy, BT, Daft Punk amongst many others…”

You once said that the one person in the world you would love to collaborate with is Brian Transeau – what are his skillz you admire?

“His ability to innovate and work against the grain whilst maintaining beautiful harmonies in emotive music.”

You run your own label Inspected Records which has seen releases from the likes of KOAN Sound and Zeds Dead. What is coming next from the label…

“We have a broad selection of releases coming through over the coming months. There are new artists and some are current. Expect a debut EP from Teknian and Millions Like Us. Boy Kid Cloud is about to drop a brand new single too. It’s all very exciting!”

You have recently completed a 33 date US and Canada tour – where were some of the highlights?

“There are too many to list. I think overall though – the best part about the tour was seeing that we had lots of fans in some of the smaller territories of North America that for me was pretty special. It just shows how the Internet has revolutionized the way we receive music.”

In your opinion, do the crowds in the US and Canada differ with their musical knowledge?

“Not particularly. It felt fairly unison.”

What are your thoughts on this huge EDM explosion in US? Sander Van Doorn signing to Jay Z’s Roc Nation, casinos offering DJs six figure sums to play in their clubs, one of the big boys offering the Dutch club brand $100 Million for a takeover. Is the American cheque book going to ruin the scene over there before it has even started?

“Movements as such can only ever open new doors to artists who are trying to make it.”

You have remixed some absolute legends – what is your favourite re-work to date and why?

“Lana Del Rey for sure. It was an honor.”

Who are the producers from around the world you are giving high fives to at the moment?

“Chrome Sparks, KillSonik, Culprate, KOAN Sound, Porter Robinson…”

Not many people know this but Gemini is really good at…

“Battlefield 3.”

So I book you for a gig – what’s on the Gemini rider?

“Haribo, peanuts and socks.”

What song can’t you get out of your head at the moment?

“Bloody Beetroots ft. Greta Svabo Bech – ‘Chronicles of a Fallen Love’.”

Mercury EP will be available to download on iTunes on 19th November
1. Robots
2. 3D Romeo (Feat. Fabienne)
3. Freedom
4. Losing My Way
5. Second Law