Carl Taylor – ‘True Faith’ – (EPM Music)

carltaylortruefaithCarl Taylor’s second album finds him building on an already solid reputation as a source of quality techno music. Taylor’s approach is instinctive, he doesn’t try to do too much, and lets the musical basics do the talking. Solid four to the floor beats support soft pad sounds, with a loosely soulful approach that recalls the best of the Detroit era. Not only that but each track feels well structured, so that elements are introduced when you expect them – but rather than making it too predictable it makes the music more satisfying. In tracks like ‘Onyx’ Taylor toughens up a bit, exploring a darker, rougher sound that gives an extra bit of sharpness to the blade, but ‘Lost Memories’ and ‘Perplexer’ are examples of where a melodic approach with no frills works really well. A welcome dash of warmth for January.

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood