Deep Street Soul

Deep Street Soul – ‘Look Out, Watch Out’ Album – (Freestyle Records UK)

Deep Street SoulHailing from Melbourne, Deep Street Soul are the local kings of Australian raw funk. Tough, hard-hitting, gritty & aggressive… yeeeeeeaaah!!!  Building upon the diamond hard gritty funk & soul template they established with their self titled debut LP, their brand new album ‘Look Out, Watch Out’ on Freestyle Records expands the groups sound and repertoire and it rocks! The band enlist new vocalist May Johnston (who sounds like a cross bweteen Marva Whitney and Spanky Wilson!) and guest contributions come from renowned Randa Khamis (Randa & The Soul Kingdom) and Roxie Ray (Dojo Cuts/The Liberators)) too. True Grit-Soul I reckon!

4 out of 5

Reviewed By A Rash