Natasha Watts – ‘Natasha Watts’ Album – SedSoul

Our UK homegrown Soul Sista (and international house music diva!), Natasha Watts reveals her stunning self titled debut album for SedSoul produced by Modern Soul giants, Frank Ryle & Rob Hardt, aka Cool Million. Showcasing Natasha’s on the money songwriting and performance skills, this nugget of a debut boasts a cross section of Soulful Bossa to 80’s fused R&B and classic Soulful grooves, laced with heartfelt sweet melodies, down to the nitty gritty lyrics and silky smooth tones. Encompassing all that is womanly, Natasha waxes lyrical about honesty, empathy, sensuality, determination, love, feminity and compassion, just beautiful!.. This is definitely a treat for the girls and boys who’ve got Soul!

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ratha Gud