Objects In A Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

OK, so it’s been out a little while – but some things have to be left to make their impact felt, and Pitto’s debut album is a highly unusual piece of work. It’s almost like listening to several artists in one, so diverse is the range of styles here, as the Dutch producer works his magic through a number of guest vocalists. Alice Rose makes a very strong impact in her contribution to the torch song ‘When I Look At You’, while the inevitable comparison in ‘Happy Now’, Rose again on vocals, is with Bjork. Not all of her contributions work, and ‘Don’t Come Any Closer’ feels like it’s trying just a bit too hard to be wacky, but Pitto more than makes up for this in other areas, such as the piano led houser ‘Every Second Of U’, which has strong, anthemic ambitions. Even better is ‘Walking By The Sea’, where Pitto himself sings, and adds extra emotion. The title of the album may remind some people of an old song by Meatloaf, but the contents are far, far different – and there is some genuinely original music here that covers fast and slow, happy and sad, powerful and reflective. Definitely a piece of work worth getting to know.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Ben Hogwood