Terrence Dixon – From The Far Future Part.2 – (Tresor)

Terrence Dixon is one of those Detroit names that isn’t perhaps as well known as he deserves to be. Hopefully the release of ‘From The Far Future Pt 2’ – twelve years on from the first instalment! – will go some way to putting that right. It’s a piece of work that is notable for its quietness at times – not always a quality you associate with techno – but also with the daring way that Dixon makes some of his material incredibly minimal, so that it doesn’t always alter much with time. This can be a double edged sword, as some tracks don’t move about as much as they might, but when he hits on a good loop it’s great to hear it going round and round in a hypnotic circle. This is definitely the case on the shimmering ‘Horizon’, while ‘Fountain Of Life’ has a delicate loop on the treble that twinkles with each repetition. ‘Dark City Of Hope’ is very mellow, too. This proves to be a real indulgence, but is one well worth taking providing you turn it up loud on headphones or a surround sound system. Dixon’s sonic palette will then shine through to the best of its abilities.

4 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood