It’s great to report the return to circulation of Dan Lissvik, once half of the Swedish act Studio. Anyone remembering their music will recall some really lovely Balearic washes of sound in the company of beats rooted in Krautrock, an effective combination that serves as a good point of reference for Lissvik here. He is an individual who loves making music but doesn’t seek out the limelight at all, and so Midnight has the most basic of track titles – eight tracks in all, spelling out M – I – D – N – I – G – H – T. ‘N’ is notable for a very nice bit of guitar work, while ‘I’ has a brilliantly subtle beat. ‘G’ is definitely for ‘Groove’ but ‘H’ is the most striking track here, a really far out bit of work with wobbly synths and a fat bassline. Great to have him back.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Ben Hogwood