The second album from Factory Floor is a perfect example of how going back to first principles is often the best way forward. This is a proper dance album, make no mistake, stripped back to the essentials – meaning all we have is the lean beats, bass lines, and sounds that generate movement and dance. There is absolutely no padding, so right from the opening notes ‘25 25’ takes you straight onto the dancefloor and leaves you there. You’ll not be short of company though, for the energy of 1 and 2 demonstrate the no-nonsense approach brilliantly, while the excellent 5 bristles with attitude while keeping its nagging bass line, perfect for the dancing feet. The percussion is what drives this album but the melodies and fractured vocals add extra rhythm, bringing the best out of clear influences from Kraftwerk, New Order and possibly DAF. Factory Floor are by no means derivative though, for ‘25 25’ stands on its own dancing feet as a great album to make you move!

Reviewed by Ben Hogwood