The Cosmic Temple has been a year-long project for Daniele Baldelli, and the Italian disco legend – now 65, would you believe! – brings it all together with the final two chapters. The collection is now available as one all-encompassing 6 disc vinyl release, the artwork combining together to form a striking single image. The music fully lives up to the packaging, too – and as ‘Gandharva’ finds its groove it is clear everything is present and correct when it comes to the best elements of cosmic disco. Throughout the chapters though Baldelli looks to bring in effective tools like the electro asides of Francesca Amati on ‘Inner Light’, and the guitars that make ‘Kevlar’ sound like a softer version of Ram Jam’s ‘Black Betty’. ’33 vs 45’ and ‘Afelio’ take a nice laid back vibe, while ‘Zircaloy’ features the sort of rolling bass through which Baldelli has rightly made his name, with brass, strings, swirling flute-like textures and sharper electro bleeps. Topped off by the artwork, this is a thoroughly desirable collection of modern, fantasy-fuelled disco.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5