Many of you will know I’m a sucker for undiscovered, partly obscure Funk and Disco gems which often come from parts of the world, where you wouldn’t expect healthy Soul, Funk or Disco scenes. The Djingo Typical Band were a French Guiana collective who brought one of those tracks into the world way before the noughties.

Originally out in 1983 on 7inch vinyl via French label Revolum, a label that specialized in the traditional and popular Occitan musical revival, this ultra funky nugget has been updated by nobody else than Ludovic Llorca aka Art Of Tones who seems to be quite busy these days.

The track itself has indeed been a formidable weapon for those clever enough to have an original copy, perfectly destroying discerning dancefloors when the time for afro-house is well underway.  A concert of pure Creole percussion which disturbs the rhythm of nimble dancers with its ever-evolving beat.

Art Of Tones’ update leaves no questions open, it’s a secret weapon on any funky dancefloor with its tropical percussive beat, catching vocal chants, killer bass and memorable melody. Wicked.

4.5 out of 5


Reviewed by MANNIX