DJ Steaw – Get Back To The Fonk EP (Incl. Josh Butler Remix) (Kaoz Theory)

Kerri Chandler’s renowned Kaoz Theory imprint ushers in the new year with the addition of DJ Steaw and his latest EP, “Get Back To The Fonk,” featuring a remix by Josh Butler.
A stalwart of the Parisian House scene, DJ Steaw has solidified his status as a respected figure in the realm of raw, underground, classic House over the past decade. With an impressive discography spanning various esteemed labels like Hot Haus, Meta, Local Talk, Step, Phonogramme, as well as his own Steaward, Rutilance, and House Puff, DJ Steaw now adds Kaoz Theory to his list of accolades with this latest release.

The title track, “Get Back To The Fonk,” kicks off the EP with DJ Steaw’s signature touch. Jazzy keys and stab sequences set the tone, accompanied by a lively bass line and infectious, swung drums. Spoken word vocals and chants weave together, creating a vibrant sonic tapestry. Following suit is “Don’t Stop,” which delves into deeper realms, featuring warm, fluttering chords, swaying subs, and airy strings that dance atop a robust rhythm.

Flipping to the B-side, “In My Body’s House” exudes a true House feel, incorporating organic piano melodies, sax licks, and organ lines. These elements intertwine with a bumpy bass hook and dubbed-out vocal effects, capturing the essence of the genre. The EP concludes with “Grey Matter,” an exploration of multilayered dreamy keys, resonant flutters, and skippy percussion.

Josh Butler takes on the title track with his ‘Heave Wave Mix,’ reshaping the original with his signature percussive, loop-led, and gritty production style. Butler’s remix adds an extra layer of dynamism to an already impressive EP, rounding out the release with finesse. DJ Steaw’s “Get Back To The Fonk” EP is a testament to his mastery of classic House elements and a welcome addition to Kaoz Theory’s distinguished catalog.

Martin Madigan 5