Harry Dennis ‘Infinitely’ (Mark Hand, ReKab, Carl Grant and Julian “JuJu” Garnett)

Chicago house music pioneer Harry Dennis and London’s deep house virtuoso Julian “JuJu” Garnett have teamed up once again to create a new deep house masterpiece – “Infinitely,” set to be released on JuJu Muzik. Following their initial critically acclaimed release “Press Reset,” this partnership has spanned continents and reshaped the contemporary house music landscape with resonating rhythms. “Infinitely” transports listeners to the iconic streets of Chicago, the very birthplace of Deep House. Harry Dennis breathes life into the track with his distinctive finesse, aligning it with the pulse of today’s global emotions.

The Mark Hand remix is a subtle yet radiant deep house groove that begins with understated drumbeats and gradually builds up to a fusion of harmonious keys and the heartbeat of bongo drums, all enriched by Harry Dennis’s tribute to the mesmerizing tapestry of life on Earth. Hints of acidity add a subtle touch to the overall atmosphere. Julian Garnett’s Acid Explosion Remix is a thrilling shift in direction, featuring stuttering beats, ethereal effects, powerful kick drums, and a reimagined vocal by Harry Dennis. This version propels listeners into an adventurous new dimension charged with kinetic energy, drawing inspiration from 80’s acid house and futuristic soundscapes.

The ReKab Version slows the tempo and immerses listeners in a lush deep house groove with rippling keys and Harry’s vocals, reminiscent of early Larry Heard classics. Closing this sonic expedition, the Carl Grant Version infuses funk and disco influences, paying homage to the euphoria of past musical eras. Anchored by a commanding bassline with spontaneous off-beat elements, it offers a unique flavor reminiscent of the timeless beats that once filled the sanctuaries of house and techno.

Harry Dennis, renowned for his work with “The It” and “Jungle Wonz,” is a cornerstone of Chicago house music and is set to make a rare appearance in London at ‘A Night With Harry Dennis’ on Friday, September 29th at Lit in Clapham. He will join special guest DJs Colin Dale and others to celebrate the birthday of his “Press Reset” collaboration partner, Julian Garnett.

Terry Farley, Bill Brewster, Jimpster, and Marcia Carr are among the tastemakers praising this release, Harry’s exceptional finesse and Julian’s virtuosity are about to captivate the deep house world.

Infinitely – Harry Dennis (with mixes from Mark Hand, Julian “JuJu” Garnett, Rekab and Carl Grant)

Out Now on JuJu Muzik

Martin Madigan 5