Kadosh – Walking On Sunshine – PLANT74

Mercifully nothing to do with the eighties number of the same name, this fresh faced production care off Kadosh has little to do with Soul, or indeed Boogie, yet strangely manages to pack together a heavy-duty funky punch. Not quite sure how this all works but it does. Words such as brutal, minimal etc all trip easily off the tongue although there’s something undefinable going on within the pounding rhythms of ‘Walking On Sunshine’ as the track breaks down, then reaffirms itself in uncomplicated fashion. ‘Lick It’ as you might well imagine gets sleazier with haunting voices and edgy Acid lines, leaving the apt ‘Exit 44’ to end with funkier percussion providing a cooler contrast to all the preceding pump and grind.

3 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton