MUUI – Amelie EP – microCastle

Patrick Carrera aka MUUI presents his outstanding debut EP for the label while engaging all five senses and probably suggest a few new ones in the process. It teases out all sorts of unprompted emotions care of sometimes brutal, sometimes sublimely edgy moods along with soundscapes which go to make up these four compositions. The gritty beats and bass of ‘Iusa’ open with a rolling, caustic ambience tastefully colouring the spaces in-between. Next, the intriguingly named ’Static Puddles’ takes things a shade deeper with fizzy electronics smouldering away intently, as the expansive undulating basslines of ‘Viik’ then takes hold. The punchy, sizzling electricity of ’Amelie’ completes once again combining soulful and emotionally challenging music with forward-thinking ideas.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton