The music of Scott Herren has taken a more thoughtful path once again recently, reminding us of his ability to craft subtle tracks that can still make the listener swoon a bit. ‘Sacrifices’ is definitely at its most effective late night, yet it follows the message given by its cover art in being a box of colourful tricks that never quite sits still, and reveals subtly inventive hooks and beats at each of its seventeen turns. ‘Late To The Party’ has a gentle, sweet melancholy to it, and ‘Without Anyone’ enjoys the calm of the small hours with nothing to disturb its ambling beat. Despite the relaxed profile of a lot of his music Herren has a restless mind, his ideas developing as he goes, and as ‘Sacrifices’ shows its hand a wide musical spectrum comes into play over the slower, hip hop based beats. Because of its strength in depth ‘Sacrifices’ responds well to repeated play – good mood music but always rewarding the more curious ear.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5