For their second album, Stefan Schneider and Sven Kacirek introduce a curiosity to the mix in the shape of Swedish vocalist Sofia Jernberg. While they continue to explore interesting sonic dimensions, drones and percussive patterns, Jernberg opens their sound out to offer much more possibilities at the treble end of the spectrum. She appears on three of the eight tracks, allowed to roam free with improvisations that use the whole spectrum of the voice. Sometimes she goes for the full throated, feral sound, as in ‘Smiling’, or she can be present in no more than a whisper, listening carefully to the drawn out sounds below her. Her vocal on ‘I Atlanten’ is more tender, while on ‘Arbeit 16’ we get a view of the scattered percussion Schneider and Kacirek use so well, the marimbas adding some warmth to proceedings. ‘Back’ is restful for the most part but watchful at the edges, the drones really nicely delivered, while ‘Drums Drums’ builds a catchier riff. Throughout the musical process feels fresh, the recordings made as soon as their thoughts leave the mind. Well worth hearing if experimentation is your thing.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5