Breakbot - Fantasy

Breakbot – Fantasy – (Ed Banger)

Breakbot - Fantasy

Just what we need now – a piece of pure, unadulterated feel good funk to get us back in a summery frame of mind. Seems like Breakbot has been listening to the likes of Chromeo for this one, too – as ‘Fantasy’ has some nice wibbly synth bits to go with its lithe bass line, not to mention a hook to hang your coat on. The remixes are worth checking out too, with Jacques Renault stripping back the fluff for some sharp-edged disco heels, Arthur Baker giving an extra boom to his bass drum and Ruckazoid – the vocalist – taking his own vocals through the back into the ‘80s funk room. OK, so it’s not massively radical or forward looking, but it’s warm and fluffy, not to mention easily catchy – so what more could you want?

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood


Breakbot – Fantasy by edbangerrecords