This album is a result of Ed Banger boss Pedro Winter’s love for the ‘Lee Perry meets the Mad Professor’ album, and it brings together the slightly unlikely pairing of Tommy Guerrero and Trevor Jackson to brilliant effect. Guerrero started it off by offering five dubby cuts to the label, which are then complemented by three reworkings from Trevor Jackson aka Playgroup, keeping an open mind as he takes the music forward. On tracks like ‘Cosmosis’ this works brilliantly, and on ‘The Floating Lotus’ Jackson brings some big, block beats to complement the busy bass of the original. It is the overall sound of Guerrero’s raw material that sets the tone, with some pretty active bass lines complemented by all sorts of sonic trickery left and right, Guerrero like a kid in a sweetshop but never overdoing his work. Because of this ‘Dub Tunes’ turns out to be every bit as colourful as the artwork suggests it will be – and represents a success for Winter’s inclusive ideas. More of this sort of thing please!
Ben Hogwood 5 out of 5

Tommy Guerrero​ (Trevor Jackson Versions Dub Tunes) [Official Audio]