Truth Committee ‘Ipanema’ (ADAPTATION)

Every year one of the big challenges seems to be, who is able to deliver the first real big summer groove. Like always, the answer is not easy as there’s so much music around. Now leaving winter and nearly spring behind us as well, releases get more sun drenched it seems, and that’s basically a good thing. Adaptation records regulars Truth Committee infuse sun in the name of their new track already-‘Ipanema’ suggesting nothing but endless beaches, sun and the sea. The track itself is not a typical Latin House track as you would assume, it has a samba style vocal, but beside that it’s a sublime dreamy fusion of live bass, lush keys and beautiful rhodes piano solos, suitable for any time of day or occasion and sits anywhere between disco, jazzy house and soulful house. And where am I sitting? Not on the beaches of Ipanema sadly-but at least I got the right soundtrack of thinking about this scenario now.

4.5 out of 5


Reviewed by MANNIX