It is around 15 years since Tunng made their first album, a joyous collage of styles that has folk music in its roots but isn’t afraid to apply some electronic pop thoughts now and then – and even occasionally ventures into electronic music full blown. Such unpredictability serves them so well because the songs are always really well written, and it’s all those appealing factors that make their first album in six years a great prospect. Sure enough, ‘Songs You Make At Night’ does not disappoint – at times whimsical, delicate and thought provoking – while at other times casting all its inhibitions aside and flying by the seat of its pants. It’s great to have the original members Sam Genders and Mike Lindsay side by side in the project again, and their musical chemistry continues here, boosted by the secret weapon, vocalist Becky Jacobs, in songs like the beautifully poised ‘Battlefront’. Hopefully this is the first instalment of a new chapter for the band, whose song writing and subtle beat making is as good as ever.

Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5