Skream has a refreshing gung-ho, we don’t care attitude to his DJing. That isn’t to say he doesn’t give it any thought, but he goes in his direction and nobody else’s, realising that at the end of the day it’s all about having a good time. It is so easy for DJs to get bogged down with staying in the same genre and playing things too safely – which is fine if done well, but it can lead to a one-dimensional approach. This Fabric mix flies in the face of caution, a thrilling hour of music that doesn’t forget to build a good structure but always has the music at the front of its intentions. House, techno and disco rub shoulders comfortably, and right from the playful saxophone of Shabaka Hutchings – part of Hieroglyphic Being’s ‘Ashrams’, with Sarathy Korwar – it’s clear we’re in for a treat. Bufiman’s ‘Peace Moves’ is brilliant disco-funk – as is the house of Radio Slave’s ‘Screaming Hands’, here in Krauldrums remix form. Skream himself adds a few moments of note – ‘An Ode To Mr Smith’ and the closing ‘SDN‘ both complementing the mixing style and musical approach. An hour of great fun and one of Fabric’s best, most up for it mixes in a while.

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5