Starts with the lush textres of Porn Sword Tobacco but soon picks up deeper rhythm and drives forward. Lil Tony’s remix of Life On Planets’ ‘An Altered Story’ makes a strong impact, its deepness surrounding the question ‘What would Martin Luther King say? Is he rolling in his grave today?’ This leads straight into the deepness of Quarion’s ‘Bristol Grid’ and the off kilter voice of Aphex Twin’s IZ-US. Then the rhythms start to strut more, Jules flexing his muscles until we get to his brilliant remix of Egopusher’s ‘Flake’, a real treat that enjoys the cool loop and off centre harmonies. It turns the corner beautifully for a new Jules track, the nocturnal ‘Midnight Juggernaut’, and a DJ Koze special, ‘First Snow’, before we retreat to utter deepness again, and the wonderfully immersive ‘Meteorhytme’ of Ripperton. This is a largely excellent mix, which could just occasionally do with pushing forward more obviously but that’s part of setting the general ambience I guess. And that’s why Jimi Jules is a DJ and I’m not! Recommended as one of the best recent Watergate compilations.
Ben Dogwood
4 out of 5


Watergate 24 - Jimi Jules