Walter G ‘The Vibe Inside’ (DAFIA)

I normally don’t do things like this, but in this special case I simply had to do it: shameless self promotion of my label Dafia, which has reached its 13th single release now. The reason I overcome my own standards is the quality of Walter G’s recent productions. In my opinion (and I’m quite sure I’m not alone with this) this guy, whose friends call him Walter Greffeo from Sicily is a true genius. As most of his outings ‘The Vibe Inside’ is an instrumental cut, which has all the right ingredients a Soulful summer House track needs. Elements of Jazz, Funk, and Soul get thrown into the melting pot and are combined with brilliant keys, solid beats, a banger of a bassline and a sax riff, that is very memorable (as parts of it are known from an all time Dance classic). Normally I at least get one remix done, but with this signing I decided to let the Original shine. Make your own verdict 😉


4.5 out of 5