Trainspotting with Waifs & Strays

1. ’Automatique’ – Waifs & Strays (Of Unsound Mind)

My new track on Skream’s label Of Unsound Mind and I’ve been playing this in every set since I made it and love the reaction it gets.

2. ‘Final Credits’ – Midland (Regraded)

New track from the main man Midland, and one of my favourites. Pumped up loopy disco madness. One of my favourite records for ages.

3. ‘Greed’ Jozif Remix –  Shawn J Wright & Alinka (Lovecrimes)

This is from the 3rd EP on my new label Lovecrimes from the dynamix duo of Shaun J Wright and Alinka. This Jozif Remix of the lead track is reworked to perfection.

4. ‘Mother House’ – Supernova (Tool Trax)

Absolutely love this since I got it. Supernova uses a very familiar drum loop and this amazing synth riff that just destroys the dance floor.

5. ‘Fever’ – Dennis Cruz  (Solid Grooves)

Dennis is killing it right now, and this track is no exception. Quality rolling dark grooves that work so well.

6. ‘Dance Party’ – Christophe (Lovecrimes)

Every time I play this record, loads of people ask what it is. Classic acid house number from one of the coolest cats i know and coming out on Lovecrimes later this year.

7. ‘Surprise’ – Gruuvelements (Under No Illusion)

Great record on the really hot label Under No Illusion.

8. ‘High Over You’ Luke Solomon Body Edit – Hannah Holland (Classic)

The Classic boss Luke Solomon with a great rework of ‘High Over You’ with plenty of funk and swagger. So good!

9. ‘Burnt Sunflower Tool’ – Montel  (White)

Lovely rework of Pepe Braddock’s Deep Burnt that works so well.

10. ‘Labyrinth’ – Michael Bibi (Viva Music)

The Solid Grooves boss serves up a wicked rolling tech house number with a great vocal.
EEafterWaifs & Strays headline the Eastern Electrics After Party at EGG LDN alongside Steve Lawler, Dense & Pika, PBR Streetgang, Geddes and more to be announced on
Saturday 6th August 2016. All info