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DJs In Massive Attacks

Two of the biggest DJs on Radio 1 have had to call in the cops for their own safety

radio 1 logoClubland have been splutterring on their cornflakes in recent days after tabloids have reported that two of the most famous names on air have had to contact the police after two disturbing incidents. First up was last week’s news concerning Tim Westwood receiving death threats from an obsessed fan texting him “I swear you’re a dead man Westwood’ and ‘You’re Going To Be In A Wheelchair’ that saw Mark Bullock, 43 from Stacksteads convicted of menacing the DJ and given bail before sentencing next month. Bullock blamed a “recent heart attack” and that his dog had been poisoned for his behaviour.

Today however, it’s Pete Tong in the news after a court granted a restraining order against ex-Massive Attack singer Shara Nelson who claimed that she was his wife. The songstress who sang what is believed by many to be the finest dance record of all time ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, has been harassing him with nuisance calls, telling work colleagues she is his wife and gave her surname in court as Tong – claiming she had married him and has had his child. Her claims have caused Tongy “distress and embarrassment” and Nelson was banned indefinitely from contacting him, his friends and family. She was given a 12 month community order and 80 hours community service by West London magistrates. Well that’s finally all finished then.