Christie Z reports back from Saturday’s incredible DMC USA Final in New York

vajraWe had such an exciting day/night on Saturday at the US Finals. Some feel that it was one of the best US Finals since 1998.


Here’s the order that the DJs went in:

1. Fascinate – NH (who’s going to the World Finals as the US Supremacy Champ)
2. Cysko Rokwel (CO)
3. As-One (MD)
4. Ohm (NM)
5. Shmeeze (CA)
6. Immortal (FL)
7. Vajra (CO)
8. Precision (NYC)
9. I-Dee (MD)
10. Concept (FL)
11. Qbase (TX)
12. Etronik (CA) – defending!

1st: Vajra 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 2 (23 out of 24 possible points)
2nd: I-Dee 1 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 1 (11 points)
3rd: Precision: 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 2 (8 points)
4th: Etronik and Immortal (2 points) tied from judges who placed them 2nd/Runner Up
5th: As One and Cysko Rokwel (1 point) tied from judges who placed them 3rd

Judges included:
DJ Cheese (NJ)
DJ Woody (UK)
DJ Slyce (NJ)
DJ Perseus (RI)
Mista-B (SF)
Billy Jam (Ireland/SF/Queens)
FatFingaz: (NYC)
Dj Donnie Dee (TX)

Judges picks (in no particular order) – 1st place = 3 points    2nd = 2 points   3rd = 1 point

Judge A:
1st Vajra
2nd Etronik
3rd I-Dee

Judge B
1st I-Dee
2nd: Vajra
3rd: Precision

Judge C – and notes next to their names
1st Vajra (Funk)
2nd Precision (Technical)
3rd Cysko Rokwel (Awesome)

Judge D
1st Vajra
2nd I-Dee
3rd As-One

Judge E
1st Vajra
2nd Immortal
3rd I-Dee

Judge F
1st Vajra
2nd I-Dee
3rd Precision

Judge G
1st Vajra
2nd Precision
3rd I-Dee

Judge H
1st Vajra
2nd Precision
3rd I-Dee

Thanks to each of the DJs who battled this year – your presence in the battle contributed to it being a star studded battle – and I truly hope that you will return to battle next year! The fact that DMC allowed DVS like Serato’s Scratch Live made a giant difference in who returned to battle this year!

Thanks to all of the judges who deliberated so thoroughly to make sure they were content with their decisions – I think Perseus, Donnie Dee and FatFingaz had the hardest time – some took up to an hour to really spend time thinking about it!!

Thanks to the promoters in each city this year – Mia Johnson & Donnie Dee (TX), Tony Skratchere (LA), B-Boy Bebe of Ground Zero Crew (FL), Emily Wessel & Urban Artistry + Beat Refinery (DC/MD/VA), Ron – Original Glaze LA (CA), DJ Lazy Eyez (CO) for believing in the battle and bringing it to their respective cities – to the great relief of the battle scenes there!

Special thanks to the Dubspot crew for loading in equipment at 6:30am on Sat. morning to avoid the street closings. Despite our efforts to not let NYC’s Summer Streets program get in our way ( so we could get in the venue at 12noon and be ready for doors open at 2pm… we were a bit surprised that no one was there to let us into the venue until 12:45pm – so our doors opened at 3pm and we took an extra hour at the end and went til 9pm. Even the sound man was waiting to get in! DJ Pro Audio’s Carlos Hernandez (Baby Fatfingaz) was an enormous help with tech support at the show (I swear he is going to run my battle himself if he gets the chance lol).

Thanks to Marilyn Alonzo for her assistance-ship and her PR/tweeting skills and DMC World’s Sally Mclintock who flew in from London to enjoy the festivities and lend a strong hand too.

Thanks to Lord Finesse (DITC) for hosting – and special thanks to him for letting people know how he feels about people sneaking and filming! It needs to be said – that $10, $15 or $20 does not include permission to film! I can’t wait to what one liners that he said make it to the dvd from his famous one liners.

Thanks to Mista-B (CA), Shiftee (NYC) and Woody (UK) for EXCELLENT showcases to inspire the battle scene – they presented so many possibilities and examples of how a DJ can bring his own flavor, selection, style and skills to a performance.

DJ Donnie Dee’s partyrocking skillz are IMMENSE!!

Tonight was a really great celebration of great skills from across the USA – so many major DJs in one place too – both on and off the stage.

Much love to all of the photographers – who are the new journalists at a time when so called Hip Hop (read Rap) magazines do not cover Hip Hop events like National DJ Battles! Joe Conzo, Ignacio Soltero, Pawel and others documented the event and are the first to post the visual results from the battles – much to the excitement of those who participated as well as those who couldn’t be there. With most of our DJ Battles and Park Jams in NYC – anyone involved can pretty much expect to walk away with some of the most professional photos ever – by such legendary photographers as Joe Conzo (who is a sponsor too!)

Extra special thanks to all of the sponsors who supported the battles this year. We hope your logos can be back on our flyers next year!!! I apologize if I missed mentioning anyone.


PS: We have some of the Official 2011 DMC US Finals TShirts designed by Haks 180 left – buy yours on

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2011 DMC DC Vice Champ: DJ As One (MD)


2011 DMC Denver Vice Champ: Cysko Rokwel


2010 DMC US Champion: DJ Etronik (CA)


2011 DMC US Vice Champ: DJ I-Dee from VA


2011 DMC New Orleans Champ: DJ Immortal (FL)


3rd: 2011 DMC NYC Champion: DJ Precision from NYC


1st: 2011 DMC US Champion DJ Vajra from CO


1st: 2011 DMC US Champion DJ Vajra from CO