Nicky Romero

World watch out. The next superstar is here…

Some people are just meant to be superstars. Nicky Romero is one them. This year has seen this Dutch dude quite simply put his stamp on clubland with his big room house sound, there aren’t too many DJs out there today without at least one of Romero’s nestling in their boxes ready to smash the dancefloor. Let’s put it this way, moments after winning this year’s DJ Top 100 poll, David Guetta was asked who he thought was the Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2011? Step forward Mr Nicky Romero. Dan Prince checks in with someone who is going to be around for a very long time…

Welcome Nicky. You warned the world back in August that you had just signed an important deal with one of the major stars of the music world,true to your word your ‘Camorra’ has just been snapped up by Calvin Harris for his new Fly Eye label – how did that happen?

“Ha! Hi Dan. Well that was not the important deal I was referring to, but I am a big, big fan of Calvin’s work. It turns out Calvin likes what I do too so we got to talking and ‘Camorra’ on Fly Eye is the result, chuffed about that by the way, big up to the guys at Fly Eye for doing an ACE job!”

What are the future plans for yourself and Calvin?

“We are looking to do a collab in the new year which I am looking forward to very much!”

You were born in Canada and moved at a young age to The Netherlands where after a brief time learning the drums swapped your sticks for slipmats and taught yourself to DJ. What early dance music were you into back then?

“Well, kind of funny it’s called EURODANCE here in Holland. If you like YouTube look for something like Jordan & Baker – ‘Explode’…I know it sounds weird now, but this was deff one of my favourites back in the day!”

Nicky, a very exciting time in dance music at the moment. DJs are undoubtedly the new rock stars filling stadium all on their own, you are being tipped by everyone as the next superstar DJ nipping at the heels of Guetta and the Swedes…are you feeling the pressure yet or still enjoying this new fame madness?

“I am in this game for the love of music, the fact that I am successful or am on the way to being successful is a true blessing to me. I am enjoying every minute of it to be honest. There is pressure always, I am my own worst critic and am very ambitious so pressure is there plenty starting from myself.”

What are the current top 10 tunes you are playing right now?

1. Nicky Romero – Camorra (Click Here To Download From DMC Download)

2. Coldplay – Paradise (Fedde le Grand Remix)

3. Avicii – Levels

4. David Guetta ft. Usher – Without you (Nicky Romero Remix) (Click Here To Download From DMC Download)

5. Gee – Slacking (Fedde le Grand & Nicky Romero Remix)

6. Calvin Harris – Bounce (my own edit)

7. DJ Fresh – Louder (Hardwell Remix)

8. Swanky Tunes & R3hab – Sending my love (Original Mix) (Click Here To Download From DMC Download)

9. Nicky Romero – Generation 303 (Original Mix)

10. Calvin Harris – Awooga (Original Mix) (Click Here To Download From DMC Download)

What did your parents think of your choice of career?

“My parents are and have always been very supportive of my choice to go into music. At first there was doubt, but my folks want me to be happy in life and they see that what I do makes me happiest, so support all the way!”

What is the best piece of advice they have ever given you?

“Focus on your own, not on someone else’s career.”

How would you describe your music style?

“Big Room Progressive House.”

Can you remember the first club you ever played at and how much you got paid?

“Scoob, Elst in Holland. About 50 euros for the whole night (6 hours) and including toilet cleaning.. LOL.”

How important has Fedde La Grand been in your development, what has he taught you?

“Really important. He has become one of the biggest DJs in the world, he’s always there with good advice and I think he’s the one who gave me the first push in the industry by playing all my tunes! I’m really thankful for that.”

What is the finest record you have ever played to a dancefloor?

“’Mister Perfect’ by DJ Tilo.”

What was the best club / festival experience for you in 2011?

“I’d have to say closing the main stage at EDC Las Vegas was the highlight of the year for me, it was massive!”

Not many people know this, but Nicky Romero is really good at…

“Editing movies.”

Did you have any idea just how life changing your bootleg of Guetta’s ‘When Love Takes Over’ was going to be – when did you realise you had created a monster?

“I never did, I’m still not…but it worked on the dancefloor that time…haha.”

Who is the coolest person on your mobile phone?

“I think that would be a private pilot called Mark Hayward who I met one year ago. He’s always flying everywhere in the world to see me performing.”

You have a good relationship with Spinnin Records, releasing a couple of tunes a year – what are the future plans with this label?

“At the moment there are loads of plans especially for the new year. I am starting a new label and Spinnin will probably be involved in this – but we are speaking to loads of people.”

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

“I’d love to be able to let things go, sometimes situations stay stuck in my mind forever.”

This has all come so quickly for you – do you ever have to stop and pinch yourself it’s all real?

“YES! The past year has just been one big rush for me, flying all over the world, doing awesome gigs meeting loads of new people, it is great!”

What has been your Summer anthem?

“Alex Kenji, Starkillers, Nadia Ali – Pressure (Alesso Remix).”

Which DJs around the world did you look up to when starting your DJing career…

“Loads. People like the Swedes, David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Carl Cox.”

And finally, are there any plans for your own night to take around the globe – everyone else is doing it!

“Yes this is all part of my 2012 plan. I will introduce my own label and we are working on a concept to take on tour with me.”