Back To Mine with Dragosh

Romania is practically overflowing with top-grade house and techno talent right now. One man who’s definitely deserving of the plaudits passed his way recently is Dragosh. Although he was born and raised in Bucharest, he moved to Milan when he was 15, but it’s telling that the so-called ‘Romanian sound’ is still very much evident in his productions as well as the tracks he chooses below. If you’re after some contemporary bangers and some fine after party jams, you’ve come to the right place…


Nina – Nostalgia

Nina’s music is always magical. I digged for weeks before finding this tune. It’s a perfect house track, ideal for an after party or maybe a beach party. The vocal inside is what you need in a break, with a great combination of saturation and clear sounds!


M44K – Mstks

I have no idea how to pronounce the artist’s name but damn this one is good!! MSTKS is a banger for late night moves! Feel the chords and the warm bassline that gives such a powerful deepness to the track!


Dimi Wilson – Fluxteb5

I’ve played this a week ago and people reacted like I was playing something spiritual! Everyone was just dancing and enjoying the track like a court of meditation to the music. I’m always happy to play and listen to Dimi’s music, a great artist.

Dimi Wilson - Fluxteb5 [Inermu]


Viktor Udvari – Tatar Jaras

For a more underground sound, Viktor brings a perfect match between grainy sounds and clear open hats! The atmosphere in this tune is so amazing and makes me want to play it on repeat!

Viktor Udvari - Tatar Jaras


VOLK – Cântul Ielelor

This is a story! Perfectly matched with a happy crowd that wants to hear ‘the sound’ of Romania!

VOLK - Cântul Ielelor


Mrsch – Mood

Classical sounds mixed in a such a great way! I got so surprised by how few sound can creating such a brilliant dialogue! A great job for a great, long time party!


Laumee – 2.1

It’s easy to find a good vibe with this one, it’s so easy you cannot miss it! Really happy feelings with this tune. This one I found a few weeks ago and I think it will stay in my playlist for a long time! 


Andy & Cally – Etajul 13

I remember when this tune was made, myself, Andi and Cally were in Milan hanging around each weekend. Was a perfect period for creating this music and they did it to the maximum! I’ve always been a fan on their music and sound! Andi and Cally are great artists both as a group and individually and great friends too.

Andy & Cally - Etajul 13


BLM & Pawas – Waiting Game (Original Mix)

BLM always delivers great music! This one has no need for words, is a fine tune perfectly matched with an after hours playlist!

BLM & Pawas - Waiting Game (Original Mix)


Cidd – Post Acid

This tune I’ve heard is in an afters and I was so happy to hear that another DJ has it for the same reason I had it: after parties! This tune is just genial as the label is on! Cidd’s music makes me want to rethink about the sounds I create; Great job Cidd!

Dragosh’s Relov EP is out now on Memoria