1. Kraftwerk – Autobahn (1972)

When you look at the groups and styles of music that Krafwerk has influenced you might come to the conclusion that they are the most influential band of the last 100 years.

Kraftwerk- Autobahn


2. Klaus Schulze – For Barry Graves (1977)

“For Barry Graves”. Recording was done on 13th of January 1977 in the tv studios of the WDR and broadcast was on th 28th of February ’77 at the show “Musik Extra 3”.
Klaus At His Best! This Is when It was all authentic & cosmic during the 70’s

Klaus Schulze – For Barry Graves (1977) STEREO


3. Jon Fox – Metal Beat (1980)

The definitive release of former Ultravox frontman’s seminal cold wave debut, originally released in 1980. I listened to this LP as I was 5 years old, in 1982. This sounded to me like music from a distant future. Now, 36 years later – and it still sounds to me like music from a distant future. I played it very often and real loud. I must have driven my neighbours crazy…

John Foxx – Metal Beat (Den'o Extended)


4. Autechre – Montreal (1994)

It’s not like I spended my whole life listening to Autechre… but every time I listen to this album, I have the feeling that I’m enjoying a work of art, something that will stand the rest of time… from all the point of views, creative rythm patterns, creative mixing, artwork…and some of the most bizarre accents and syncopations.

Autechre – Montreal


5. Jeff Mills – if (we) (2001)

Jeff Mills is a living legend and one of my favorite DJs. He and some of his friends from Detroit have influenced the majority of actual techno productions.

Jeff Mills – If (We)


6.  Trentemoller – Into the threes (original) (2006)

I discover Trentemoller as he came up with his Debut E.P. at Naked. Since then I have followed all his steps. One of my favorite musicians nowadays. He is unique.

Trentemoller – Shades of Marble


7. Four Tet – Love cry (2009)

If I could take all the dreams in the world and put them in a blender, this is what it would sound like. Kieran Hebden has been able to keep a foot in a large variety of scenes over the years.

Four Tet – Love Cry


8.  Nicolas Jaar – And I say (2012)

I like very much how Nicolas introduces Jazz and Downbeat elements in his productions. One of the finest and most talented producers of our time. Blue-wave!

Nicolas Jaar – And I Say


9.  David August – Epikur (2014)

In terms of sensibility, musicality, arrangements, originality and sound design (in my opinion) this is one of the best deep house tracks ever produced.

David August – Epikur – Epikur EP (Official Video)


10.  Max Cooper – Order From Chaos (2016)

A master piece from one of the most inspiring artists nowadays. Emotions spreading

Max Cooper – Order From Chaos (official video by Maxime Causeret)


Intro_p – Exposure (Introp Music)

Intro_p is an artist originally from Malaga who now steps out with his own new label and three fantastically fresh and cosmic house tunes that have already had support from the likes of Laurent Garnier.
Intro_p has been working on unconventional dance floor tunes for years. After moving to Cologne, he set up the OutofSpace Studios and now he looks to the launch of his Introp Music imprint, his second label venture after previously running Neovinyl. This latest project is the result of much research and experimentation with a range of different influences and takes from his experiences running the Forest Trump event series. Always with a deep and personal take, he layers up subtle atmospheres into elaborate arrangements with a contemplative sense of mood.
Opener ‘Mensch’ is a cavernous, stripped back house cut filled with cinematic synth detail and shakers, soft keys and vocal sounds that add up to something brilliantly soothing and absorbing. The excellent ‘Emerge’ is a poignant track from the off: the slippery drums get under your skin and the expansive synths bring scale to this most celestial of offerings. A lead synth brings colour as it dances about up top and will get the floor moving, no doubt. Last but not least, ‘Flowing’ has well treated vocals warped and filtered into something beguiling, as crystalline synth lines and balmy pads all keep up the deep space mood of the whole EP.

Out Now: Intro_p – Exposure (Introp Music) Cat: Introp Music 01