Back To Mine with Michael Forzza

“First off, big thanks to DMC World for having me pick some of my favourite “Back 2 Mine” releases. Over the years, I’ve played at a lot of after-parties, both as a resident DJ and as a guest. And I’m always honoured to contribute to such a noble cause!”

“Choosing 10 tracks was quite difficult as there are so many exclusive and rare records available. So… I dug deep into my collection and came up with some weapons that not only have stood the test of time, but are often priceless and very hard to find. If well placed in a set, each one of these pieces of black gold will catapult you into the stratosphere. It’s kind of impossible to do a top 10, so here are my picks in random order…”

Blue Arsed Fly – ‘In the Bag’ (Russ Gabriel remix) (Ferox Records) (1995)

The Russ Gabriel remix of ‘In The Bag’ is an absolute classic.  He starts it off with a very syncopated, jerky 909 pattern that’s almost glitchy, then brings in the deep bassline and the organ stabs, then takes it out into the ionosphere with the most beautiful padwork you will ever hear. A tear jerker when played on a big sound system.

[1995] blue arsed fly - in the bag (russ gabriel mix)


. G La Tortue – ‘Salinas’ (Happy Beach Records) (1993)

Limited to 300 copies, this one was not easy to get hold of back in the day.
Music Man Records later licensed the track because of that reason. Pitched down, this tribal-esque athmospheric monster is accompanied by absolutely beautiful chords and a flute, which builds up to an amazing break which only makes you want more. It’s all about the voyage on this one.

Guillaume La Tortue - Salinas (Original Mix)


Schatrax – ‘Overcome’ (Schatrax Records) (1998)

This 3 x LP saw the light in 1998 and it contains some out-of-this-world tracks to ever be produced! ‘Overcome’ is dubby, melancholic, hypnotic and utterly sexual.  Truly amazing when played to cool down your dance floor. The bassline just penetrates your soul.

Schatrax - Overcome [SCHATRAX]


Marshall Jefferson – ‘The Horse’ (KTM) (1997)

All the right ingredients are present in this masterpiece from Marshall Jefferson. Tempo, rhythm, power and a killer melody. But it’s the structure of the track that is truly unique! ‘The Horse’ breaks down several times and builds up bigger and bigger every time. When played on a massive soundsystem it actually feels like a horse is kicking you in the stomach when it builds up. When it’s time to play your last record of the night, let them wait a little and finish with ‘The Horse’! Never fails!

Marshall Jefferson ‎– The Horse (Is Coming)


Gigy Galaxie – ‘Daily Sacrifice’ (Teknotika Records) (1995)

Nevers leaves my flightcase !  One of my all time favorites !
So simple but so beautiful.  The hypnotic tribal loop brainwashes you  and just at the right time Gigi plays a string that makes you levitate !  Top notch production, often imitated never duplicated !

Gigi Galaxy - Daily Sacrifice (Teknotika)


Auto Kinetic – ‘Symetry/Sensurreal’s Resong’ (Music Man Records Special) (1995)

This remake by Dirk-Jan Hanegraaff and Gert-Jan Bijl aka Sensurreal was available on Music Man records as a special limited-edition-only 100 numbered copies! If you have it, count your lucky stars!  Sensurreal made lots of masterpieces but this one has a special edge to it. From beginning till the end the track doesn’t stop evolving. Symmetry submerges you into the depths of the ocean: electronic contribution of the highest level.

1995 _ Auto Kinetic - Symmetry (Sensurreal's Resong)


Jark Prongo – ‘M-Tech’ (Pssst Music 1997)

The Netherlands had some really great producers back in the day. I mean, who doesn’t have records of the legendary label Touché in collection ? Jark Prongo is 2 Dutch producers who were capable of producing a variety of styles! Housey, trancey and techno with a minimal twist… their discography is worth checking out!  This release from 1997 also has a bit of everything in it. It has a Detroit feel to it and it opens slowly like a flower! The vocal and the melody in the track play superbly together! The doors to heaven open up at aprox 6 minutes! Killer tune and still as strong now as back in 1997. 

Jark Prongo - M-Tech


Scion – ‘Emerge1’ (Chain Reaction) (1995)

Detroit techno at its best!  Dubby, minimalistic techno from 23 years back. And production wise, it still stands its ground. Chain Reaction has numerous unreal productions, but the label starter was truly a marker back in the day. I still play it, mixed up with new material. If you had the pleasure to experience this on a powerful sound system in a club, you know what I’m talking about!


Quadrant – ‘Infinition’ (Planet E 1993)

This is an alias of Basic Channel on Planet E founded by Carl Craig. Far ahead of its time, it still finds its way amongst new generations of electronical music fans.
Hard to believe that this was released in 1993. Guys like Secret Cinema where highly influenced by this sound for exemple!  It never ceases to amaze me, the effect it has on people when I play it.

Quadrant - Infinition (Original Mix)


Percy X – ‘RD600’ (Soma Quality Recordings) (1995)

Percy X aka Anthony Scott MacKinnon is a producer from Glasgow in Scotland and produced back in the day almost exclusively for Soma Quality Recordings.
This gem combines a powerful drive with a heavenly touch!  He succeeds in making techno with a softness weaved into it. A huge favorite amongst real techno lovers and myself naturally. The track can be played in a peak hour set but also when the sun rises. Pitch it down a little and the track shows its full potential. 

Percy X - RD600 (Original Mix)

Quincy’s ‘The Time is Now’ (ft. Michael Forzza’s ‘Abstractor Approach’ remix) is out now via Cherry Moon Records