Back To Mine – DeadEcho

A personal collection for after hours grooving









Chromatics – Running Up That Hill
In my opinion, the best rendition of the original and a track I find
myself coming back to every few months. Its incredible.



Au Revoir Simone – Anywhere You Looked
This always makes me smile and fills me with a nostalgia of one
particularly amazing summer in Newquay.



Sebastien Tellier – La Ritournelle
My favourite Sebastien Tellier track. Such a masterful Crescendo.



Beach House – Norway
This ladies voice has such an impact on me. She can wake me up and send
me to sleep at the same time if thats possible. Anyway, a favourite off
the album.



Bonobo – Recurring
This is the first Bonobo track I ever heard. It was on a mix-tape a good
friend of mine made me a long time ago. He is an absolute master at
making compilations and this is a testament to that.



Finaly Quaye – Even After All
When the question is asked what is my favourite song this always enters
my mind along with a few others. It instantly chills my bones and makes
me think of good times. The fact some of the lyrics are total nonsense
makes it better for me too… Sonic Fruit anyone?



Bjork – Pagan Poetry
This is off the Vespertine album which is an absolute masterpiece and
puts me in a happy warm place after a big night out. Pagan Poetry sums
up the ethereal talent that Bjork is better than any other song she has
written. It has beautiful percussion and Harp melodies but it’s her
voice, as per, that steals the show and in this it is truly stunning and
takes your mind off into imaginary worlds.



Brian Eno – An Ending: Ascent
The godfather of avant garde electronic music and ambient. This is an
amazing piece of music that I am never sure of if it is uplifting or
dark. It’s also used to brilliant effect on the film 28 Days Later.



Joy Division – Atmosphere
My heart sinks when I think of the music the world missed out on when
Ian Curtis died. New Order did a good job but the shear emotion Curtis
brought to Joy Division is unsurpassed from a front man before or since
at Atmosphere is as good as its comes.



Radiohead – True Love Waits
My favourite band on the planet – the perfection combination of
electronica and indie. True love Waits is simple, beautiful and perfect
to me… ‘True love lives on lollipops and a crisps…’