Back To Mine with Tom Stephan

After hours grooving…


I used to joke that a Back To Mine mix CD would just feature a high pitch tone because that’s what I hear when I get home!! But I finally wised up and got myself some DJ ear protection- and so should you!! And now when you come back to mine, you’ll hear something like this…

1. Pioneer of the Hypnotic Groove – [Warp Records]
I first heard of house music while I was in college in upstate NY, before the internet if you can still remember those days! I heard tracks like Testone and Nightmares on Wax on a Toronto radio station that we could pick up in Buffalo. I was so excited by these sounds I couldn’t get enough! I still can’t, come to think of it…
2. Danny Tenaglia – Mix This Pussy [Tribal America]
When I fell in love with house music it was at the Sound Factory in NYC – listening
to the sounds of Tribal America. Danny really captures that era on this CD. 
3. LFO – Frequencies [Warp Records]
I got this cd when I first moved to London and started going to raves, so it really became one of my first chill out cds and always reminds me of those days. And the smell of vicks…
4. Inner City – Big Fun [Virgin]
One of the greatest dance albums ever made. Brilliant.
5. Chez Damier & Ron Trent Mixtape
I remember some time back in the 90s, my friend said – I love Damier & Trent so much, why don’t you make a mix of just their tracks. I thought it was a strange idea, but this is without a doubt the mix tape that I have listened to most in my entire life. Few chill outs ended without this one. Brings back so many great memories.
Tom Stephan headlines the Afro Acid meets The Pioneers Of House Music event alongside DJ Pierre, Marshall Jefferson and Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley’s S&S Experience on Saturday July 28th 2012 at The Coronet. A huge line up also featuringBart B More, Booker T, Richie Fingers, 2 Good Souls, Huckle Finn, Chalk E White and many more, please go to for all the latest updates.

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