Duran Duran ‘Save a Prayer’

Every DJ would do well to create their own personal edit of this after hours classic. 

Duran Duran – Save a Prayer (Remastered 2003 Version)

Moby ‘Move’ (You Make Ne Feel So Good). Volume Mix

This is an ultra-rare track. I think it was only released on a compilation.

moby – move – volume mix – 1993.wmv

D-Code ‘Teardrop Dragon’

A classic from my rave baby days. Backpacks and lollipops.    

D-Code – Teardrop Dragon

DJ QU ‘Secret Place’

Deep house as good as deep house gets. A classic tune.

DJ QU-Secret Place

Fred P ‘It Is What It Is’

A beautifully sombre deep track with an odd number barred phrase. Instead of repeating every 4 or 8, it repeats every 7 bars. My favourite Fred P track, bar none.

Fred P. – It Is What It Is

Ricardo Villalobos ‘Fizheuer Zieheuer’

It’s always a good party if the need/opportunity to drop this monster presents itself. I like to mix and layer a track or two over and under it to get really wild.

Villalobos – Fizheuer Zieheuer

Amir Alexander ‘Black Mass’

One of my own – I consider this to be a super slept on slayer.

PREMIERE: Amir Alexander – Black Mass [Argot]

Prince ‘Erotic City’

Classic B-side. A Chicago staple.

Steve Miller Band ‘Fly Like an Eagle’

Do your diligence chopping or beat juggle multiple copies, then let this this angelic ambiance was over the room as a sonic palette cleanser…You’re welcome. LOL.

Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle – 09 – You Send Me

Daryl Hall & John Oates ‘I Can’t Go For That’ (No Can Do)

Another one of those hiding in plain sight gems waiting to be truncated and sculpted into an editing masterpiece.

Daryl Hall & John Oates – I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) (Official Video)

Amir Alexander

Chicago-born, Sweden-based DJ and producer Amir Alexander is set to trigger dancefloors via Cassy’s motivated label Kwench Records with three invigorating house tracks.

DJing since the early ‘90s and producing since the late ‘90s, Alexander is touted as an intuitive, assiduous innovator, with over two decades of inspiring and being inspired by club culture. Soon after linking up with local Chicago heroes Hakim Murphy and G.Marcell, he’d release tracks that would find themselves in the hands of underground DJs worldwide. He’d find more recognition in the 2000s, with career-defining EPs on labels Secretsundaze, Plan B Recordings, Argot and Just Jack Recordings; two full lengths Love & Fear and Dusk Til Dawn; and the launch of his labels Vanguard Sound and Anunnaki Cartel.

“Amir is one of those artists who leaves a lasting impression. We met last summer at a gig in Berlin, but I’ve been a fan for a very long time. His productions are laced with soul, and to be able to convey such a strong sense of self within music is such a special skill to have. We share a motivation to play and create for the dancers out there, and these tracks are sure to get feet moving.” – Cassy

First to bring a slice of Chi Town to Kwench Records is ‘Realest Of The Real Pt2’, with Alexanderintroducing his trap and rap alias Ricky Spitzz over a chunky, kinetic cut. With ideals to show reverence to the Creator with every release, Alexander brings us to ‘Nobody But You Lord’ – a track built on warbling, distorted vocals, and piano chords which imbue the track with emotive depth. Stirring third track,’20,000 Fathoms Deep’, serves as an opportunity for Alexander to explore and advance the emotive facets of deep house.

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