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Passarani – Wonky Wonky Wonky

Marco Passarani is a hero and a huge influence. Wonky Wonky Wonky is special for us, cause it kind of brought us together as Casiopepe. We’ve already been friends for some years, but there was one this night when we were dj’ing together and something really clicked, so we decided to record some music together. And this tune was the brightest highlight of that night.

Passarani - Wonky Wonky Wonky (NMBRS53)

Sha-Lor – I’m In Love (Caught Up  Version)

Yet another song that brought us closer together, as we ended up dancing, singing and hugging. Beautiful, heartfelt melodies and hard-hitting drums with every sound sitting in its right place. Recorded in NYC in late 80’s, reissued by Rush Hour in 2012, it’s stlll one of the best pieces of house music ever.

Sha-Lor~I'm In Love [Caught Up Version]

Hypnosis – Bormaz

One of our favourite Italo classics and a big inspiration behind our sound, so funky! Those synth hooks and big claps are exactly a Casiopepe thing! We still have to try to play slap bass though!

Laserdance – Power Run

Another Space-Synth classic from the childhood times and another track that constitutes what Casiopepe is about. Bigg Linn Drum snares, Euphoric synth hooks contrasting with quite moody vocoder line.

Laser Dance Power Run

Giorgio Moroder – Chase

Giorgio moroder is the king of synth-basslines and it’s hard to imagine what contemporary music would be like if it weren’t for him. This could run as a never-ending loop listened during the Midnight Express ride. More than 40 years later it still sounds like the future.

Giorgio Moroder - Chase (Casablanca Records 1978)

The Pool – Jamaica Running (European Mix)

The Pool was a one-man band from Austin, TX in the early 80’s. This one was reissued by Dark Entries 4 years ago.  “ It’s my wake up call in the morning, sets up my day routine and helps to get things sorted throughout the day. The instrumentation feels like a conversation”(Aljoscha)

THE POOL - Jamaica Runnin' (European Remix)

Marek Biliński – Ucieczka Z Tropiku

While this one might sound like an odd, obscure rarity it’s actually one of the biggest anthems of the 80’s in Poland. Be sure to check out the bombastic moment around 2nd minute! This is our goal for how we want our liveset to be!

MAREK BILIŃSKI - Ucieczka z Tropiku | Escape From The Tropics (1984) [Retro Edit 2013]

DMX Krew – The Glass Room

Ed DMX is an absolute legend! And The Glass Room is a classic – a mixture of slightly cheesy, upbeat disco with heartbroken, emo lyrics sung by a robot always makes us wanna dance and cry.

DMX Krew - The Glass Room

Soft Cell – Memorabilia (Ecstatic Version)

Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” has been my favourite pop song since my childhood days and one of the reasons why I love synthesizers. But another Soft Cell’s favourite is this spaced-out version of Memorabilia from 1982. Red, hot, steamy and ecstatic!(Łukasz)

Soft Cell - Memorabilia (Ecstatic Version)

Masarima – Freak Like U

This tune is so timeless that you can’t really tell if it’s been recorded in 1983 or in 2020. And for us it’s like a“phantom banger” of 2020. It could have easily been an anthem of the year, but as the clubs were closed, we both have spent many months dancing to it at our homes and craving to play it out in the club.

Masarima - Freak Like U - Royal048

Casiopepe – Floofy (Jaki Records) Cat No: JAKI004

Jaki Records is the recently coined moniker for Camion Bazar Records as founding collective Camion Bazar have stepped up with a renaming in honour of their dog! Now the imprint returns with a new EP from the Casiopepe duo featuring a trio of fresh grooves. This pair met at an obscure festival in Poland, where they also first made contact with the Camion Bazar collective and soon set to work together from their bases in Warsaw and Berlin. They have a Euro-leaning sound with lush synth hooks and reverberating “Phil Collins-esque drums.” The pair’s modern approach, addictive sound and impressive live show saw them debut to a great reception at Parisian institute Rex Club and now leads to this, their first ever release on Jaki Records with more of their irresistible sounds. They already have further releases lined up on Pets Recordings & Dom Trojga in the near future. Opener ‘Floofy’ is a brilliantly original track with enchanting flute-like leads, crashing 80s drums and robust, rugged bass. It’s a high impact track with big hooks that brims with joy and energy. Just as full flavoured is ‘Charlize’, a track that serves as something of a tribute to Charlie’s ‘Spacer Woman’, here it builds on a fluid bassline and has wild synths spring about the mix while more heartfelt and romantic chords inject the soul. It’s an uptempo jam that brings the party but also plenty of emotion. This top trio closes with ‘Leżaki’ a track which takes its name from the aforementioned Polish festival, here the duo collide proto-house, colourful disco and elements of trance into a charismatic new sound that is busy and

Out Now… Casiopepe – Floofy (Jaki Records) Cat No: JAKI004