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Pink Floyd: Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun – Echos Album

I first heard this on echos album, which was one of the constant rotation round friends house as a teenager whilst getting stoned, I love Roger Walters vocals and delivery, Iʼm a big Floyd fan there are so many to choose from, I once met nick mason at Goodwood he was sitting in the paddock next to his Ferrari 250 GTO I was too shy to go up and chat to him… never meet your heroes.

Pink Floyd - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

The Clash: The Clampdown – London Calling

I love the clash there are far too many tracks to choose from when I had my first release on orient records “shaker shaker” which I eventually went out and performed a couple of gigs, Ii did a rehearsal down in Ashford my good friend bill key is good friends with Nicky “Topper” Headon and brought him to the rehearsal he ended up jamming with us on the bongos whilst rehearsing, it sounded like the bongos on this track, I asked Nicky what was it like to play at shea stadium he said “I donʼt remember I was out of my nut”….total punk.

The Clash - Clampdown (Official Audio)

Rolling Stones: Shine A Light – Exile On Main Street

I grew up in Dartford area and these guys came from up the road, there were loads of locals who youʼd meet in pubs who went to school with them or said they knew them…. maybe they did or didnʼt, I can see why the stones became super successful bet they couldnʼt wait to get out of the area, anyways thereʼs definitely something in the water… Keith Richards is my all-time hero.

Kate Bush: Running Up That Hill – Hounds Of Love

kate was also a local girl her fathers doctors surgery was near my primary school kate went St. Josephʼs convent I would see her at the bus stop at Plumstead corner where she would get her bus home, you couldnʼt miss her she was stunning, amazing artist, you can hear Kates delivery in mosts female acts today, total inspiration.

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill - Official Music Video

David Bowie: Space Oddity

Another south London lad sadly lost, I love Davids delivery you really hear his south London accent in his songs, which I try to emulate now and again in my tracks being a cockney lad, lets hope heʼs up there somewhere.

David Bowie – Space Oddity (Official Video)

Joy Division: Shadow Play – Unknown Pleasures

I cannot say enough about this band, Ian Curtis is an absolute god his delivery is amazing, Iggy is Ians inspiration, Iggy delivers Ian smashes it, Hookies bass playing heʼs another level, and is an artist I most try to sing like a total inspiration, I find it hard listening to atmosphere by joy division at times as I get overcome with sadness…..such a sad loss.

Joy Division - Shadowplay (Official Reimagined Video)

Fluke: Absurd (Whitewash Mix)

Punk techno, the originals, these guys paved the way for all the top acts like Prodigy, chemicals, underworld, Leftfield,
I used to buy all their tracks to DJ out, they played Glastonbury in 1998 after many years of gigging, unfortunately, couldnʼt get to the gig as I was in a detox treatment centre for one thing or another, I was listening to them on live BBC radio I nearly went over the wall to do a runner, delivery is awesome, balls to wall all the way.

Fluke - Absurd (Whitewash Mix)

Underworld: King Of Snake

I remember watching these guys perform this at Glastonbury 1999, I was at home watching them on tv I was actually trying to climb into the telly, the place went off I was gutted I couldnʼt go but it used to take me weeks to recover after being at Glastonbury and some of that was just getting the mud out of my ears, living cleans not easy lol, Karl hyde is a legend the guys delivery is a totally on point, I managed to get signed to Darren Emersons Detone label last year which was amazing debut for me.

Underworld - King Of Snake (Everything...)

Adonis: No Way Back

Adonis is god, what a belter, sexy vocals over a thumping mid baseline, I remember hearing this at the Shoom club and thinking I’m gonna die tonight, Shoom was a tiny basement club in south London, one way in one way out dark sweaty room strobe bopping off, everyone soaking wet jacking like metals with adonis leading the way, I wish I could go back for one just night, thanks for the memories guys.

Clear: Cybotron – Street Sounds Crucial Electro

Clear still stands the test of time, I was blown away when I 1st heard it, a real stand out track, this album was the sound of my youth, we used to buy all the early street sounds albums but this album really sets the bar, Juan Atkins is a true visionary he helps pave the way for many techno artists today a total inspiration, thank you, sir, it was hard to choose a fav Jaun Atkins track as model 500 no UFOʼs is my joint Jaun fav. well there you go, this was so hard for me, I had so many on my list, it could have been all pop/rock or all dance music but you gotta have a bit of wallop at afters ; )

Linear B – The Boge (Rainbow Tipi)

Linear B has more than 15 years experience under his belt and in that time has brought plenty of vitality to the sharp end of techno. He has a passion for synths and stripped back drum grooves but always moves forwards and evolves with each new record. Spoken word snippets, found sounds and plenty more also get mixed into his music which has come on labels such as Detone in both EP and LP format. Excellent opener ‘The Boge’ immediately gets your attention with its bristling clasp and frazzled synth line building to a tense peak. Sci-fi melodies and heavyweight kicks power along with this futuristic techno roller and take you into another dimension. The excellent ‘Saved Face’ is edgy and unsettling, with paranoid synth stabs keeping you guessing as a turbulent baseline brings further drama. It’s a dystopian techno track designed to evoke eal suspense.

Linear B – The Boge (Rainbow Tipi) Release: 17th March 2020 Cat. No.: TIPI02