1 – Fortunato & Montresor – Imagine (Imagination 2)

Fortunato & Montresor – Imagine (imagination 2)

Back in the days I was supposed to bring this record to Ibiza for Andrew Nalin. Unfortunately we missed each other. Since then it’s stored in my record collection and I played it countless times. Big thank-you goes out to Superfly Records for the hours-long views onto the sea.

2 – Nightmares on Wax – Les Nuits 

Nightmares on Wax – Les Nuits

Absolutely a masterpiece and all time favorite vinyl, love it !

3 – Model 500 – Starlight 

Model 500 – Starlight [Echospace Unreleased Mix]

Heard this so many times on long car rides and Robbi always fell into a trance… then I just suddenly woke up at home.

4 – Maya Jane Coles – Premonition

Maya Jane Coles – Premonition

Good mood. It’s the favorite track of Robbi! He totally goes crazy when he hears this track… just fantastic!

5 – Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Relevee (Official Video) – DFA RECORDS

Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Relevee (Official Video) – DFA RECORDS

More “hypnotic Tango“ is not possible. Strong! 

6 – Subarctic Baltasound 

Subarctic Baltasound

Reminds me of my home port, the Baltic Sea in Baltasound. 

7 -Global Communication- The Way (Secret Ingredients mix) CLASS

Global Communication- The Way (Secret Ingredients mix) CLASS

Another oldy but goldy! That trippy vocal sticks in people ‘s mind for ever and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever…

8 – Tron Legacy – Special Edition CD – Castor (4) [Daft Punk]

Tron Legacy – Special Edition CD – Castor (4) [Daft Punk]

My legendary first international movie premiere. What an experience! We had to watch the original movie with my girlfriend. Neither me nor Robbi were able to understand a lot since Robbi’s translation chip was defective this night. But the music was so grandiose that we had to rewatch the movie several times when we were back home. Until today I still hear Robbi’s voice in my head: “Please let’s watch the soundtrack again!”  

9 – Humate – 3.1.   

The great Geriet Frerichs. Also a „Hamburger Jung“ (lad from Hamburg). The energy of this record is mind blowing until today. I wish I could have attended the production, Robbi is nodding as well! Greetings to 3.1 wherever you are right now.

10 – Ishome – Wildness   

Ishome – Wildness

Mirabella Karyanova, Robbi can’t wait for your second album and hopes to be onstage with you one day.

Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot – Définition Synematique (Cocoon Recordings)

Cocoon’s next superb artist album comes from German artists Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot, with a number of guest features from Thyladomid making it a cinematic journey that is rich in emotional and musical intelligence. Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot mark their third full length adventure after 2015’s L’espirit De L’escalier on Traum Schallplatten and 2017’s Je L’ai Câlissée Là on BineMusic. Fusing ambient, techno, soundtrack design and Berlin-school, their artful and avant-garde style takes you into the future. This latest album is an adventurous 70-minute trip over 17 expansive tracks that play out like the soundtrack to an imagined movie. It is variously uplifting and moving, melancholic and hopeful. Exquisite synth craft and a great manipulation of subtle energies results in plenty of gradual crescendos and then more tender moments of introspection. Intriguing throughout, ‘Définition Synematique’ belongs to a rich tapestry of electronic composers dating back to Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre albeit with a contemporary twist, rekindling the flame for a new generation of psychonauts as echoes from the dance floor weave their way into numerous chillout sessions around the globe.

Out Now… Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot – Définition Synematique (Cocoon Recordings) Cat No: CORDIG036