Darren Huges

‘Deborah’s Theme’
‘Once upon a time in America sound track’ – I want this playing at my funeral, just before they send me to be burnt, my poor sad faced wife Charlotte will be hanging onto the coffin screaming hysterically.

‘Dancing Dueen’ Abba
For when I’m feeling gay and care free.

‘Nights of the Jaguar’ Rolando
For when I’m dancing round the kitchen
and after deborah’s theme finishes at my funeral this will send them all out dancing.

‘Is There Anybody Out There¹ Bassheads
Reminds me of Steve Lawler when he was good and did what he was told. – rocketboy/mathew Herbert mix – just love that French squeeze box, hot coffee and croissants feel,beautiful record.

‘The Bells’ Jeff Mills

‘Marmion’ Schoenburg
Oakenfold in the annex, probably the height of Cream.

‘Hurt’ Jonny Cash
wow! the words, the sound, the man in black

Octave one
Underground resistance artist – almost as good as the jaquar but with a gorgous vocal to boot.

‘Sweet Dreams’ Eurythmics
Timeless end of the night classic.

Darren Hughes is the well-known promoter of Thursdays & Sundays @ Space