Neil Young ‘Hey Hey My My’ (Reprise)
One of the problems of a punk youth is that I completely rejected 70’s rock. What a fool! Now I know this is sunshine heaven.

Krafwerk ‘Neon Lights’ (Capitol)
Such dry minimalists, but such emotion! These guys were genius.

Idris Muhammad ‘Could Heaven ever be like this’ (Kudu)
I think, after hearing this, it could.

PIL ‘Public Image Limited’ (Virgin)
Punk grew up a little with Johnny Lydon’s pairing with the reggae freak Jah Wobble. The combination of punk anger, dubbed out bass, lush electro guitars and a totally mad production sound made this an unsung classic. Still sounds fresh today.

Rude Movements ‘Sun Palace’ (Passion)
Released in 1983,  this is one of the records that introduced me to the forthcoming idea of house music.

Santana  ‘Jungle Strut’ (Sony)
I learned late in life that a 70’s Santana song, particuarly live, was itself like a whole DJ set. Heard them play this in a festival in the Swiss Alps, it must have lasted 25 minutes, and blew my mind.

Alicia Myers’ I Want to Thank’ You (MCA)
One of my all time favourite records. Alicia killed her husband, went to jail, found God and wrote this song. Its pleasure, pain, joy, and despair all in one. If any gospel record is ever going to send you to church, this is it.

Fleetwood Mac ‘Go Your Own Way’
Again I wouldn’t have touched Stevie and crew with a bargpole way back when, but they were class! Try this some mid summer Ibiza afternoon with a car full of friends after a full-on night.

Paul McCarntey ‘Let ’em In’ (Capitol)
So simple but so mad. There is something so warm about this even though its bonkers. Brass band trumpets and military drums roll out of nowhere, but it just makes me melt.

Sebastien Tellier ‘La Ritournelle’ (Record Makers)
Oh my god – another body melter. Try this one at any time of the day and it will send you into a warm meditative bliss. Enough to make one want to fall in love again.