DJ Gee

The Beat – Mirror In The Bathroom – Two Tone
Two Tone Tunes are all like smells and they remind us of ‘that’ time and this reminds of my days when the Ska era was having a revival. one of the most commercial tracks of its genre.

The Stone Roses – Fools Gold – Silvertone
I was a credit card hippie and used to have a courier firm, and this for quite a few months helped me drive around the whole of England,  it never came off my car stereo.. repeat, repeat, repeat!

The Cure – various tracks
I could pick any Cure record, always a favourite at Gee towers cause I was a Cure nutbag!

David Bowie – Ashes To Ashes
The video is one of the best ever made for me, i used to go to concerts every week between gigs in my old band, and Bowie was one of those entertainers that was a true superstar.

A Guy Called Gerlad – Voodoo Ray – Warlock
This track is the one track that sent me over from indie to dance music when i heard  it mid-field in the early rave days..  Gerald, its all your fault!

Wubble-U – petal – indolent records
One of my old time favourites to  point where i tracked down one of the artistes responsible Pig Bwoy, to find out how the genius works and ended making a track with him myself. there are probably more than 60 mixes of this track ever made from chill though trance and everyone is a winner.

Herb Alpert – Rotation – Unknown
He is the A in A&M records! After I just left school, and was trying to decide how i was going to become a super mega rock star, I would waste away many hours with  my Kent homies in an old red Ford Cortina with pumped up wheels. This our no.1 cruising track.

Ultra Nate – Free
This was released the year I first escaped permanently from the UK to Ibiza and sums up exactly the feeling for me and all those at bora bora.

DJ Gee Moore live Bora Bora vol 2 DVD – Dancetrippin
When I’ve got a night off and want to chillout inside my house I put on the dvd on and watch myself for a laugh.

DJ Gee Moore live Bora Bora vol 2 DVD/CD is out june 27th Dancetrippin