C2C - Four Times DMC Team Champion Legends


2015_10_04_World_DMC_DJ_Finals_068On 24th September attendees of the DMC World DJ Finals will take part in an epic odyssey to crown the world’s greatest DJ. The iconic event will see the most critically acclaimed and well established DJs from across the globe pitted against each other in a battle of the beats. Having played host to a slew of famous attendees over the years, from RUN DMC and Public Enemy to Janet Jackson and James Brown, this year’s event is set to be the biggest yet.
Equipped with a deluge of turntable tricks and classic tracks, Invisibl Scratch Piklz will take to the DMC stage in their first UK performance since 1998 in wake of their debut album, ‘The 13th Floor’. Comprising of DJ Qbert, D-Styles and Shortkut, Invisibl Skratch Piklz epitomise true musicianship, taking the art of DJing to dizzying new heights as they smash all preconceptions of the turntable and reveal its true potential as a standalone instrument. Throughout the 80s and 90s, the group continually proved themselves as a tour-de-force on the battling circuit, emerging victorious against any crew who tried to usurp their DJ crown; and now, at the DMC World Finals, they will once again show why they are one of the most respected and influential DJ crews in hip hop culture. Speaking on his first ever UK show D-Styles explains “DMC Is the World Series of DJ competition. Only the top elite of Turntablists come to battle to see who is the best. Always an honor to take part in this year’s competition.”
Joining Invisibl Skratch Piklz on the bill is beatbox aficionado Killa Kela and his crew The Spitkingdom. Fusing elements of electro, hip hop and drum & bass, his mind-boggling performances have seen him tour with some of the biggest figures in the music industry including Prince and N*E*R*D. Having thrust himself into the mainstream media with his impossibly realistic cover of Britney Spears’ ‘Slave 4 U’, his energetic performances, filled to the brim with talent and humour, are not to be missed. Speaking on the show he has said: “We’re all massively fired up for this …10,000 Spitkingdom hours are about to shell down on the World Finals!!”
Taking scratching into another dimension, the pioneering DJ Woody returns to the DMC stage, accompanied by a live band. Being hailed as “one of the creative forces in DJing the UK scene has ever produced” by the Scratch Perverts, his talents have taken him from a working-class North England town to rubbing shoulders with the likes of Grandmaster Caz and Madlib as he continually amazes audiences and fellow DJs alike with his signature ‘Woodpecker’ trick. Showcasing tracks from his forthcoming album, his performance will be a stimulating journey of hip-hop, funk, disco and everything in between.
After 10 yeaWF2016 A5 Flyer Front-Redrs of battling at top level and performing at numerous festivals including, Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party, The Beatbox Collective come to the finals to host a special one-off beatbox workshop. Their experience and talent is second to none and will be bringing lessons of live music production and physical theatrics to the public. The Beatbox Collective are shining examples of how the DMC World brand aspire to inspire the next generation of hip hop culture – speaking on the event they said: “Amazing and honoured to be part of this historical event…an influential event leading the way for the Beatbox scene”.
As well as The Beatbox Collective, pop-and-lock legend Popmaster Fabel of the Rock Steady Crew will host his famed popping and locking classes at the o2 Forum. Growing up immersed in the 70s New York hip hop scene, Fabel embodies traditional hip hop culture, combining the breaking and up-rocking moves from his native city with the unmistakable popping and locking style. Lyrical wizards, Chester P and Farma G of British hip hop group Task Force will be hosting a tongue-twisting lyricism workshop, whilst previous DMC winner DJ Fong Fong joins DJ Woody in a DJing master class, where they will reveal secret formula to becoming a DJ champion.
This year’s DMC World DJ Championship Finals looks set to take the event to new heights with a host of special guests and unique workshops from industry professionals, cementing its position as the defining event for deciding the world’s greatest DJs, and the highlight of your September.


Come and watch the greatest DJs from all over the world battle it out for the ultimate title in the following competitions:

 Battle For Supremacy / World Eliminations / World DJ Final + ALL DAY Workshops


Invisibl Skratch Piklz
Killa Kela & The Spitkingdom
DJ Woody


Beatbox: The Beatbox Collective
Dance: Popmaster Fabel
Lyricism: Chester P + Farma G (Taskforce) 
DJ: DJ Fong Fong (DMC Online Champion) and DJ Woody

DATE: 24th September 2016
TIME: 14:00 – 23:00
LOCATION: O2 Forum, Kentish Town