Field Days
Week 8 – Monegros Desert Festival, Spain

Katie P, the globe trotting frontwoman of the Trident Perpetual Festival updates you from her 30 festival adventure. To win tickets to join Katie and to check out her travel blog head over to

1. The star struck moment
“Hanging out with Sub Focus in a giant dusty car park.”

2. The tune
“Otto von Schirach – Dance like a Hoe.”

3. The maddest outfit
“Street entertainer in Barcelona with a massive fat-suit on, bumping and grinding down the road.”

4. The act
“Aaron Spectre with Drumcorps – amazing fusion of mad loud dance beats and screaming metal.”

5. What will you remember most from the country you have just partied in
“The fact that the entire event was a 20-hour non-stop rave with no escape!”

7. What did you lose this time
“Sleep. In that i had none… for nearly 50 hours.”

8. Your new best friend
“The person who invented the cold-water spray booth and installed it in the middle of a desert festival.”

9. That ‘I can’t believe I did that’,  festival story.’
“Huddling up to hundreds of strangers on the floor at 4am trying to use our combined body warmth to get through the nightime desert cold!”

10. The highlight.
“All the Spanish hiphop in the giant white desert tent… and the hotel jacuzzi once we’d returned to civilization!”