Ibiza 2010
Amnesia – Roger Sanchez Release Yourself Party

You hear so many legendary stories about the club Amnesia in Ibiza the sound, décor and those ice cannons are all talked about but the most essential element in the club’s success is in the music and for the last 2 years Roger Sanchez ‘Release Yourself’ session has caused a roadblock.
After catching the sunset at Café Del Mar the huge crowd went crazy as the big S-man played a quick pre Amnesia set at Mambo next door creating mayhem on the beach front offering a taste of what’s to come tonight.
The club opened at midnight and I hit the club from the doors opening to get a good look around the club before several thousand clubbers descend in for the night and there I enter the biggest club I have ever seen! Looking like a glamorous aerodrome with gigantic Release Yourself décor and huge screen playing futuristic Sanchez graphics for the night.
At the head of the dancefloor a massive set of neon headphones surrounds the iconic dj booth were we find Roger in action all ready, no not a quick sound check but the master in full flow for an epic 6 hour dj showcase!
The beats are pumpin quite a pace for early doors but this suits the endless stream of fellow clubbers as they arrive who are instantly uplifted by the motivating music and hit the dancefloor with no hesitation.
Roger then gives us a masterclass in how to rock the floor with constant 3 deck skills all night dropping beats and acapellas throughout his set that keeps the crowd memorized and rockin.
The music was emotive and full of energy and soon had the floor to near capacity in motion while allowing space to dance and move around compared to other clubs who choose to pack you in and smother you.
It was a glamorous night with sexy people coming together as one for a love of great music and created a wonderful atmosphere full of love while Roger laid the soundtrack down, classics we’re dropped by the bomb and were timed perfectly with the amazing light show and glitter drops to make the night fly by with luxury.
Roger is a legendary DJ pulling of a 6 hour set of perfect mixing and dj skills while knowing exactly when to work the music in a tougher direction or bring things down with wonderful vocal house, and before we knew it 6 hours was up and the crowd were still with him all the way.
‘Another Chance’ was the perfect anthem to finish the show while Roger still working the mixer and effects to perfection right to the last beat and smiling the whole night long.
An amazing night at the best club in Ibiza and insist you make it over there this season for the big room experience of your life and a big fat smile all the way back to the beach.

Guy Garrett