Boom! Four weeks in the DMC Buzz Chart! Here’s one artist the dancefloor loves

We all know Pablo’s paintings but have you heard Florian’s music?

Interview : Dan Prince

Florian welcome to DMCWORLD, not that you are any stranger to the magazine as your ‘Artefact’ track has just spent an astonishing 4 weeks in the world famous Buzz Chart. You must be very pleased for the Cr2 release to be finally out?

“Hello DMCWORLD and it’s readers. I am very happy about the Cr2 release indeed! The fact it sat for four weeks in the Buzz Chart makes me feel even more excited!”

Tell us a little history of the track, when did you first create the track and did you know you had created something special straight away?

“I produced the track a couple of months ago in Cannes, but I only sent it out to Mark Brown (MYNC) a few weeks ago. I didn’t know I had something special on completion, but thinking about it now, I think I’m pretty special so therefore all my tracks are special! Answering more objectively though, I always think outside the box and set one goal, which is not to sound like everyone else.”

So let’s get a little background from you.  Raised in Switzerland and now residing in Cannes in the South of France. What’s the story there?

“I was actually born in Vietnam and adopted by a French lady. I studied in Switzerland and my studio is in Cannes which is my family place. In Geneva I live in an apartment and it shouldn’t be too long before I get a proper studio here as I am bored of the back and forth…”

At what age did music start to become of interest to you? What were your first forays into the world of sound…?

“Music has always been interesting to me since day 1, but it turned serious when I turned 19. My first steps into the scene though was when I would DJ at my boarding school events, I was around 13 then.”

Who were the early DJs and producers that grabbed your attention?

“I used to listen to a lot of hip hop and was a fan of the scratching world. DJs such as Qbert, A-Trak and also Laidback Luke grabbed my attention, back then it was all about skills…”

Was the choice to become a DJ first or producer?

“A DJ first as producing requires maturity. Some though are more advanced than others with that…”

What did your family think of your eventual choice of career?

“My family is going all in and I have their full support.”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

Merk&Kremont x Paris & Simo – ‘Tundra’

Boyz Noize – ‘Excuse Me’

Tommy Trash – ‘Blair Witch Project’

Space Cowboy – ‘Cuttin’ N’ Scratchin’

Kaskade – ‘Atmosphere’

A-Trak, Oliver – ‘Disco Nap’ (Funkin Mat Remix)

Yoan Feymann x Monomotion – ‘Redsnow

Rise & Fool – ‘Jail Cell’

BeatauCue – ‘Lyrel’

Amazing Me <3 florian=”” picasso=”” artemis=”” span=””>

What is the best and worst thing about living in Cannes?

“The best thing is…food and the amazing landscape. The worst is the f***ing traffic and stupid rich Russians and Arabs walking around thinking they own this town.”

What is coming out next from you studio wise, album plans?

“Right now I have finished a couple of tracks, look out for Artemis, it’s gonna be released on Laidback Luke’s imprint. And this Summer I am working on bigger stuff and focusing on an album for the future yeah…”

Official ‘Artemis’ preview…

Will you be hitting Ibiza this summer?

“To be honest, I’m just gonna be hitting my music studio.”

 What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

“Shut up and go back to the studio.”

Who are some of the producers out there you are giving high fives to right now?

“High fives to…Pauly D for scratching over ‘Barbie Girl’ live and still being alive. Merk&Kremont for our next collab. Yoann Feyman x Monomotion because they are the next level s**t. Rise&Fool for their fresh n’French touch. A-Trak for keeping it real. And a high five to myself for being beyond the swag limit…”

You were pretty pumped about your trip to Miami WMC in March, what were some of the highlights?

“When we hit the Super You And Me party at Liv, we went backstage and bumped into Benny Benassi, Tiesto (with 10 ladies), Hardwell and many more. I got my levels up for networking!”

Tell us about the collaboration with Lenny Kravitz in Miami?

“Ah I read about this somewhere and was surprised. I actually worked in Lenny’s studio and was really impressed with it, but that was it. But to be honest, I did manage to work on a track with some of Lenny’s gear and we had loads of fun…”

Who from history would you most like to have a beer with?

“Michael Jackson. Although it would have been pointless as he didn’t drink beer.”

Not many people know this, but Florian Picasso is really good at…

“I am really good at Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and grappling. It’s my passion and I hold the title of Swiss Grappling Champion.”

What 1 song means the most to you?


Your best ever DJ set?

“The best is yet to come…”

Are you able to work on music whilst on tour?

“I can and I always have my laptop with me, but I have to hit the studio to work properly. “

And finally, got to ask, what is the best freebie your family surname has ever got you?

“Jay-Z made a track called ‘Picasso Baby’, it says he wants my Great Grandfather’s paintings. Who knows, he might get one soon and I may have a Jay-Z collab on my album. I just want a Jay-Z baby!!!”

‘Artefact is out’ now on Cr2 Records – buy your copy here…

#‎Artemis‬ will be out the 11th of July on Laidback Luke‘s imprint Ones To Watch Records – Mixmash.