Breakbot – ‘By Your Side’ – (Ed Banger / Because)

The Olympic and Paralympic show has left these shores, the nights are colder, the mornings are darker. But before you get too downcast, I’d strongly recommend a dose of the positivity that is the new Breakbot album. There is some really enjoyable electro disco here, with a touch of class and a bit of humour, perfectly produced and presented by the main man Thibaut Berland. The influences of Michael Jackson, Etienne de Crecy and Daft Punk loom large, but the songs are good enough to stand above mere parody and give Berland his own, instantly recognisable voice. ‘Baby I’m Yours’ is the obvious winner, but ‘Fantasy’, ‘By Your Side’ and The Mayfly And The Light’ all do the business. Here the vocalist Irfrane sings of how “I’m just a bird without wings, longing to take flight”. On this evidence, that’s just about to happen!

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood