The Draymin – ‘Should’ve Known Better’ – (Townsend Records)

drayminAh, the power of nostalgia – harnessed here by The Draymin, who take that much maligned genre, indie dance, by the scruff of the neck. If you liked The Farm when they first came out, had a penchant for The Music in their dancier days, or warmed to Delphic on the release of their debut album, then this could well be for you. For sure it is quite dated, but there is never anything less than complete passion on display from singer Fraser Penman, who gives it all he’s got on the bold vocals. ‘Hold Your Position’ is probably the pick of the songs, proving something of an anthem, while ‘We Will Fall’ complements it as an emotive ballad, ‘You Bring The Fire’ is also upfront, as is ‘Block 11′, though the lyrical couplets (“I saw the angel of death, calmly taking a breath”) won’t necessarily appeal to everyone. Yet that shouldn’t take away from the fact that The Draymin have made a passionate debut that fizzes with energy – so as long as you don’t approach it expecting anything new, you’ll have nothing to fear!

3 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood