Moony – ‘Pluck Off EP’ – (Tenn Music)

MoonyThe Brighton based DJ/producer, Moony, has been one of my favorites this past year, and this EP continues to reinforce why. He effortlessly flips tracks ranging from groove laden grime riddims to soulful and shuffle-y garage numbers, always chock full of thick bass and his signature nods towards jazz.

Opening up the EP is the fierce drum programming and sick vocal chopping of “My Side,” which drops an unexepected bassline in the mix and generally keeps my head and ass interested the whole time. The title cut “Pluck Off” is damn funky! Purple vibed grime that feels just right. I’d love to hear a version of this with an MC on it. “You Changed” is the immediate standout, on this release. The moody groove and catchy vocal sample suck me in and I’m sure your going to find yourself in a club, soaked in sweat with your hands raised in the air – while listening to this song. The closer “Pace” is a bouncy 2-step affair that serves as a great DJ tool and a cool listen.

The Pluck Off EP is the debut release on DJ Mak 10’s new Tenn Music label in London. I’m definitely hype to see where the imprint goes from here.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Gair “Dev79” Marking