Nick Slater and Kevin Lancaster, aka Drumattic Twins, are certainly no strangers to the dance scene; Nick and Lanx were part of Shades of Rhythm from way back in the day, “Every time I see her, every time I see the gir-rl, oohh, etc, etc”, hands in the air, face all over the place, you get the picture! The duo are still getting their (frogs) legs on the dance floor with their current releases and Le Funky definitely lives up to its name. An old ’ecole hip-hop squelching French tart of a track with breakdance breakdown to get you all popping. But for our money it’s the flip that works best. This has more attitude, it’s more New York than Paris and has a good ’old electro’ Bambaata vibe and full on heavy kicks and snares for a truly rocking eastern-electro-stomp-athon.

4 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Soto