Not bad these lot, are they. Over the last year or so Evil Nine have pretty much found, and defined ’their sound’. For those that are shamefully unaware, that is roughly hip-hop, punk, deep house, breaks all rolled into one. Now you know, (if you didn’t all ready). Their steady stream of consistently solid releases and remixes has seen their profile rise to where they are now. This is another taster from their forthcoming album ’You Can Be Special Too’, that will not disappoint fans. The original is like a deep-house hip-hop opus with a sufficiently solid breaks foundation that builds on the Evil Nine style of ’less-is-more-and-a-couple-of-guitars’! The Bassbin Twins take on remix duties and, to be honest, it sounds like they’ve just taken out the vocal and added a few choice, slightly drum and bass inspired, samples. Tell you what though, really loud, a bit later on and this REALLY works and is darned powerful, in a classy, understated kind of way.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Soto