Motech honcho and UR associate Franki Juncaj, who first impressed as DJ 3000 with his ‘Somewhere In Detroit’ mix, has unleashed a mix album of stunning breadth, soul and dexterity. There’s a massive Underground Resistance presence here as he plays with cuts by Aquanauts, DJ Buzz Goree, DJ Dex, Gerald Mitchell and UR themselves. DJ S2’s marvellous future-funk vamp ‘The Slide’ is here and the most recent Red Planet masterwork, ‘Last Stand’ [Last year’s most jaw-dropping techno single]. Franki also adds tracks by Los Hermanos, Gary Martin, DJ Dex and Aux 88, plus a couple of his own. The mood spins between space-funk, electro and deep techno ending with UR’s ‘Windchime’. Emotion-packed, unearthly but primal, this set is like a meteor storm showering nonstop electronic brilliance.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Kris Needs